What the Bible says...

Summaries and References

The series of articles on What the Bible Says is useful as an introduction to some of the basic teachings of the Bible. These articles are designed for people who see the Bible as a source of truth. If you are skeptical about the teachings of the Bible, this may not be the place for you to start. Some Christians believe that everything in the Bible is literally true. They may be suspicious of the New Church approach to the Bible, which involves looking for hidden, spiritual meanings. In this series of pamphlets, I have explained many key New Church teachings using the literal meaning of the Bible as my only authority. My hope is that Christians who have placed their trust in the plain teachings of God's revelation will be able to see the truth there while retaining their trust in God's Word.

Each of the articles in the series addresses at least one key New Church teaching that is in conflict with an "orthodox" Christian view. The list below shows the main point of each article and an orthodox dogma it exposes. In addition, I have included some introductory references for those who want to read what New Church teachings says on each subject.

Note: The links to New Church teachings in this document will open a new window in the Kempton Project web site, which contains all Swedenborg's Theological Writings. Where a series of passages is referenced, the hyperlink will take you to the first passage in the series. You will be able to continue reading by pressing the button for the next number at the top of the reading window. To return here, return to this window, which should remain open.

Title: Forgiveness

Title: Who is Jesus?

Title: The Right Hand of God

Title: The Holy Spirit

Title: Temptation

Title: When You Are Born Again

Title: Marriage and Spirituality

Title: Marriage in Heaven

Title: Sexual Equality

Title: What Angels Do

Title: The Inner Meaning of the Bible

Title: The Parable of Creation

Title: Adam and Eve

Title: What Books Are God’s

Title: Sacrifice

Title: The Blood of Jesus

Title: Why Bad Things Happen

Title: Who Needs Works?

Title: Who Is Saved?

Title: Repentance

Title: Where Angels Come From

Title: Love

Title: God's Anger

Title: The Second Coming

Title: The Rapture

Title: The Resurrection Body

Title: The Devil